Vacuum Sealer Bags & Roll Value Packs

Everyone who shops on line does the same thing when you are hovering with the mouse over the order or add to cart button. You think to your self "Great, that looks like a great price, but I wonder if they are going to overcharge me on the shipping to make up for it?" Here is where we are trying to think outside the box and create a win win situation for us and our customers.

We have created the following vacuum sealer bags and roll value packs (more will be added soon.) All of the value packs Include FREE Ground Shipping. To be honest this helps us, by encouraging bigger purchases like the big box stores do by selling larger amounts of stuff. In return you get low cost ground shipping. To do this we ship the items using the most affordable method based on the items ordered and shipping destination.

This is a pilot test and we may need to adjust prices but we need to start somewhere. If you want to be able to take advantage of value pricing (but you don't need all the bags or rolls right now ), you could also arrange to share the order with family and friends. This way you and your friends can still take advantage of the value pack pricing and free shipping by combining your order.

This is a pilot program, with the current economic situation every bit helps.
Thank you very much,

- Roger Seher.

Vacuum sealer bag value packs with free ground shipping

Vacuum sealer roll value packs with free ground shipping